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Esports. Lifestyle. Community. These are the pillars upon which Umbra Collective was built. Founded in 2021 as an eSports and lifestyle organization by seven content creators, Umbra Collective works tirelessly to ensure that every endeavor is greater than the last. Whether it's burning down the tourney scene, stating our presence with irresistible apparel, or creating a home for the greatest community of gamers and niche enthusiasts this side of the moon, Umbra doesn't do second place.




At our core, we compete. We fight until the battle is won. This applies to all we do, so why not bring it to the eSports arena? We've assembled a team of Halo Spartan warriors to kick off our tournament journey—tough as Mjolnir armor, strong enough to flip a Scorpion. We're always looking to expand, seeking recruiting top-ranking players for all kinds of games. Stay tuned and be rewarded with some of the most exciting, clip-worthy tournament moments to come. 

Standing next to the eSports teams is a growing roster of content creators whose sole objective is to provide the absolute cleanest and most entertaining content imaginable.

If you want to represent Umbra Collective, join our ranks with our growing line of lifestyle merchandise. eSports jerseys, flags, PC backplates, and more. Once you join us in the shadow of the Umbra, you'll feel at home.



This is the dawn of a new age in the eSports and entertainment realm. Umbra Collective is not waiting in the shadows, we are working hard to ensure they stay at the forefront. It's time to step out of the shadows and introduce ourselves to the world. We are united, we are unstoppable, we are Umbra Collective.

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