Umbra Collective Joins the HCS

Halo. The revolutionary First Person Shooter released just over twenty years ago in 2001 and continues to command a presence in the gaming sphere. Many players started in their living rooms fighting the forces of the zealous alien alliance, The Covenant, and trying their best to survive the ancient fungal plague, The Flood.

Twenty years later, players load up and drop into BR fire and plasma grenades in the competitive eSports arena. Each match is a battle for map supremecy, for control of power weapons, and a testament to each player's skill. In the storied arena, shields are popped, blood is shed, and legends are carved into steel with gunpowder and plasma. Now, the Umbra Collective joins the fray.

This year's HCS, or the Halo Competitive Series, is a year-long competitive season running from November of '21 to October of '22. Tournaments are held weekly on Sundays, pitting eSports team against eSport team, Spartans against Spartans. Points are on the line each week, the winners of the tournament gettig up to 2,000 points and diminishing as players finish further from first place. These points are more valuable than a SPNKR Rocket Launcher. Only the best of the best can make it to the final tournament of the year, the Halo World Championship. Challengers must have enough points after a mid-season split that cuts their points down by 90%. Not only that, but they must survive multiple trials known as Regionals and Majors. These are larger tournaments with cash prizes along with point rewards.

After all this is won and the fight is finished, the tournament draft for the Halo World Championship is drawn. There, the best of the best duel with Spartan efficiency and cunning, all for fame and fortune. And with a $3M prize pool, who wouldn't want to take part?

"We want to be the ones holding the trophy at the end of the year," says Umbra Collective Halo Team Manager, Cody King, known also as the infamous NeckedYeti. "If you’re not here to win it all, why are you here?"

Umbra Collective plans to explode on the scene with a versatile team of Spartans. TrueCrime, the team coach, comes armed with fifteen years of experience. He's a veteran player from Halos one through three. He led the charge against the Covenant and the Flood so Gardner and EversionX could fight freely on the arena grounds.

Gardner stands between the old and new, playing competitively since Reach and Halo 4. However, he hadn't found a competitive home until Umbra Collective. Now, he flies the UC flag as team captain, taking the first shots with a cool head and directing with maturity and experience. "He’s the shoulders the weight of the team kind of relies on. He’s the one directing when things go wrong. He’s the one leading when leading needs to be done," says King.

That doesn't mean EversionX isn't a phenom on his own. This seventeen year old is a member of the new guard for Halo and, according to King..."This kid can slay." With lightning fast reactions and aim sharper than the samurai's blade, EversionX is a fiery competitor who leaves a wake of ashes.

Umbra Collective is looking forward to future competitions, not just for victory and glory, but to forge the greatest team on the scene.

"Halo is about teamwork, so if you don’t enjoy who you’re playing with, you’re not going to play as well," says King. "UC's Halo Infinite team is flexible, adapting to newcomers and new strategies."

In a recent HCS Sunday Tournament, UC's team shoulder-charged into the top 70 out of 456 teams - all with a brand new team. Chemistry is everything, and UC is concocting the greatest solution in eSports.

You can catch highlights from players here, on our YouTube channel, or our TikTok page. You can also join our Discord to stay up to date with the team or just to hang out with like-minded gamers. In the meantime, fight on, Spartan. See you in the arena.

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